Powers Goolsby


Powers Goolsby welcomes you  to explore our website, and learn more about how we can help you make your religious, architectural aspirations become reality. Our expertise lies in ecclesiastical design, construction, renovation and restorations, and additions from small storefront spaces to mega campuses. Religious architecture is not only our specialty, it is both our passion and an integral part of our daily ministry.

With over two decades of balanced and diverse experience, the design team of Powers Goolsby – lead by Jimmy Powers and Bear Goolsby – brings a personal commitment to satisfy their clients' visions and requirements. Jimmy and Bear pay careful attention to their clients' dreams, needs and budget. Understanding that each congregation is different, and that no standard plan will or should fit all instances, they work intimately with their clients in order to turn their vision into a religious architectural actuality.

Giving new life to an old space can not only revitalize a building, but a congregation. We at Powers Goolsby strive to have our architecture act as a tool to aid your ministry, not have your ministry become stifled by our architecture. A selection of our works showcasing successful partnerships with various congregations can be seen in our Portfolio.

We are licensed in 49 states. If you are thinking of a building project, but need more information in order to get started, let our expertise help guide you through the process. 


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