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Their mission is to joyfully make disciples, but University Baptist Church’s existing campus facilities were limiting the ministry’s effectiveness in doing so. Having outgrown their worship space, the congregation needed to expand.

The church’s new sanctuary is capable of seating 757 worshippers. A full stage services the church’s active music ministry, with dedicated space for the choir and band. The new audio/visual system was designed to be adaptable, providing flexibility to implement additional upgrades as the congregation’s needs change with further growth. A music library and room for instrument and equipment storage can be found backstage. Backstage also houses changing rooms to serve the church’s new Baptistery.

Adjacent to the sanctuary is a large lobby that boasts both a welcome center and coffee bar. Each amenity allows the lobby to serve as the hub of the church’s campus, providing visitors a place to learn about church activities, and congregation members a place for fellowship before and after services. The large lobby also provides ample space for ministry extracurricular activities and events outside of worship.

The new sanctuary has proven to be an effective facility that successfully assists the congregation in fulfilling their mission.  



University Baptist Church


San Antonio, TX


19,743 SQ FT



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