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Wayside Chapel of San Antonio, TX is committed to providing individuals and families a church home where they can enjoy warm, friendly fellowship while learning more about the word of God. The congregation sought a way to revive their church to better serve this mission, and a renovation of their worship and lobby spaces ensued in 2011.

The sanctuary was upgraded to a state-of-the-art facility capable of bringing the entire congregation together for worship. It now accommodates a full stage, large screen video, professional lighting and sound, and seating to accommodate 700 worshippers. Wooden pews provide the majority of seating, with the front rows reserved for removable wooden chairs to allow for more flexibility around the stage area. Acoustical treatments of the space enhance both choir and instrumental performances, as well as the spoken word.

Outside of the sanctuary, spatial realignment of the church’s accessory rooms allowed for space to create a larger, more welcoming entrance. The resulting gathering area is an open, inviting and friendly lobby suitable for connecting with others in fellowship before and after services. The welcome center assists members and guests in locating information about services, ministries and other church activities.

The resulting renovation ensures that Wayside Chapel is in once again in alignment with their ministry needs and goals.  



Wayside Chapel


San Antonio, TX


20,000 SQ FT



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