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The original, existing facilities of Resurrection Baptist Church were located in the midst of a flood plain. Having gone under water not once, but twice, the congregation was in desperate need of relocation. The perfect locale – a hill top overlooking the city of Schertz – presented itself, and the church purchased the land in order to build anew.

The first phase of the new master plan consists of program elements that demanded maximum usage of space. The ensuing design prioritized function over form. An 11,500 square foot multipurpose building doubles as a worship facility capable of housing 750 congregation members for service. An adjacent main lobby serves as a space for fellowship, and connects the multipurpose facility to a 20,000 square foot administration/education center. The addition houses pastoral offices and dedicated classrooms for youth and adult educational opportunities, as well as break-out activities. Monumental stairs in the lobby wrap the elevator core, inviting visitors to walk-up and explore the second floor spaces. The resulting facility strikes a balance between cost, space use and function, and aesthetic appeal.

Keeping the needs of a growing congregation in mind, future phases for Resurrection Baptist Church include a 30,000 square foot expansion containing additional educational space, a café, and a 1,800 seat sanctuary complete with choral suite to enhance the church’s active music ministry.



Resurrection Baptist Church


Schertz, TX


31,000 SQ FT



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